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Control Aids for Continuous Stationery Printing

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Short description Control Aids for Continuous Stationery Printing
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Manufacturer Fogra
Model ---
Year of manufacture 0000
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Long description FOGRA Control Aids for Continuous Stationery Printing

The set permits a quick and sure check of the batch quality and form quality and shows therefore an important measure to the quality assurance in the endless pressure

Controlling means FOGRA for the continuous form pressure

The regular checking of continuous stationery provides a measurement of quality control. The new "FOGRA Control Aids for Continuous Stationery Printing" Set makes it possible to check pile and form quality reliably and quickly.

The Set consists of:
• The FOGRA positioning plate with two index pins
• The FOGRA extension aid
• The FOGRA scale for checking forms
• The FOGRA set square for ch&king piles.

The FOGRA positioning plate for checking forms
The FOGRA positioning plate enables the web to be fixed by means of two index pins placed in the guide holes, so that various different examinations of the form can be carried out. The device can be adjusted for the full range of format sizes.

FOGRA extension aid for examining forms
Until now the web was extended by hand when checking forms Consequently, the results were often unintentionally influenced by the examiner. These sources of error will be reduced by the use of the FOGRA extension aid for examining forms.

FOGRA scale for examining forms
The FOGRA scale for examining forms consists of a track, along which a magnifying glass with measuring scale runs. At the other end of the track there is an index hole. This hole is fitted over one of the index pins of positioning plate that has already been used to fix the web. With the scale on the lens it is immediately possible to establish the distance
between 20 successive guide holes, as required by DIN 9771.

FOGRA Set square for pile checking
The pile can be checked by laying the FOGRA Set square on a pile of forms and this gives an immediate measurement of whether the angle of the pile complies with the specifications. In addition, it is also possible to check how concave the pile is with this tool.

Examples of possible checks:
• Pile angle
• Sag of pile
• Linear alignment of the guide holes, or distance between the guide holes.
• Alignment of left and right line of guide holes
• Perpendicular fold perforations
• Flatness of web

Weight ---
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Location Germany
Region NRW

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