Selling: Heidelberg Topsetter 102P - CTP System 8UP with 3 Cassettes, Fully Automatic with G&J Thermal Processor and HQ RIP with FM + GTO Option + 32 Diode Lasers
Short description Heidelberg Topsetter 102P - CTP System 8UP with 3 Cassettes, Fully Automatic with G&J Thermal Processor and HQ RIP with FM + GTO Option + 32 Diode Lasers
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Manufacturer Wick
Model ---
Year of manufacture 2003
Warranty until
Weight ---
Dimensions (LxWxH) 553 x 361 x 153
Location Germany
Region NRW
Long description
Heidelberg Topsetter 102P CTP-System

Bundle includes:
- Heidelberg Topsetter 102P - YOM 03/2004
- incl. 2 Bacher Punches
- MultiCassette Autoloader - YOM 2005
- HQ RIP with FM Raster, PDF, CIP 3
- AT-T 8001 Plate Transport Bridge
- Glunz & Jensen Thermal 135 Plate processor

The Topsetter 102P is structurally identical to the Screen Platerite PTR 8000 II.

Year of Manufacture: 2003

Not-New / AS IS / Ex Works

2 Bacher Punches 425 and 780 mm

32 Diodes (one-by-one changeable)

up to 11 Plates/h

from GTO to 950x1160 mm (GTO Option is already installed)

Heidelberg Blower

Heidelberg - Integrated

Plate Loading:
manual - every format
and also via the Multicassetten Autoloader - 3 Casettes

Fresh maintaned with new clamps

Screen Harlequin RIP V6.4
- PDF/Postscript Level III
- CIP3
- Spekta FM Screening (HQ 5.3 paralell installed)
- can be used as Shooter

At the moment used CTP Plates
- Fuji Brillia HD PRO-T3 plate (no need for a plate pocessor!)

Test and Training:
The machines is able to be tested at your warehouse. We are able to train you in usage
and maintenance. arrange an appointment with us before you visit us!

OPTIONAL (Not included in this offer!)
- PrePress Manager
- Signa Station
- PrePress Interface with Omnidrive
- Dupley-Proof-System

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